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Traditional Dental Braces

Getting braces isn’t what it used to be. Today’s options range from bright and colorful, to nearly invisible. We offer a full range of braces options. Set up a consultation. Here, we’ll answer any questions and help determine the best choice for you.

Metal Braces (Silver)

Modern braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever, with low profiles and strong adhesives.

Victory Series™ Metal Braces

Victory Series™ Metal Braces work like traditional full size braces — without the bulk and discomfort.

  • Smaller braces enhance comfort and aesthetics
  • High bond strength provides firm, corrective forces
  • Unique natural curvature provides maximum contact and comfort
  • Smooth finish is easier on the lips and gums
Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces

Clarity™ Ceramic Braces work like metal braces, but blend in with your teeth for a seamless look, providing a winning combination of strength and subtlety.

  • Translucent, designed to blend in with your teeth
  • Small and smooth for comfort
  • No staining

Invisible Braces

Simpli5 – Clear Alignment System

For those who need minor adjustments, but want to avoid traditional braces, clear aligners are a smart solution for a brilliant smile. The Simpli5 system is a series of clear aligners that gradually adjusts teeth to create a perfectly straight smile.

The Simpli5 system is ideal for cases where only small rotations are required, or where teeth have shifted slightly in the years after braces. The treatment time depends on the amount of tooth movement required but typically lasts between 10–20 weeks.

Following impressions, patients receive a set of five clear aligners, each worn for 3–4 weeks. These clear molds gradually adjust teeth and can be easily removed to eat, brush and floss.

Some patients initially feel a little tightness and slight discomfort with each new set of aligners, but treatment should not be painful. Schedule an appointment today to see if a clear alignment system is right for you.